Where the heck have I been?

Honestly it feels like the proper question should be “Where haven’t I been?” I’ve done quite a bit of traveling over the last few months, none of which has been reflected on this site. I do have a lot of photos that I need to post, though I’m kind of debating if I want to post them here or on my new domain (not yet registered so not going to talk too much about it) I haven’t really advertised this site, in fact since the podcasts etc had pretty much stopped, I haven’t really paid this site any attention at all. That is something I need to work on, as I do have quite a bit of stuff on here.

The big issue for me, is that this domain name doesn’t really related to the things I am actively involved with anymore. The whole “Pod” noodle thing was a play on words, there were originally going to be 5 separate podcasts on here, three of which were going to be ones I was working on. As you can see it didn’t quite work out that way. Emily and I are still doing the occasional Disjointed podcast, but the horror one I was really wanting to do, just never got out of the gate. Three different attempts with three different co-hosts and zero to show for it. Not the end of the world, and there are some other things afoot that may fit well here. We’ll just have to see.

In any event, I need to start showing the web site some love. I’ll post some new photos soon.