Hey! I’m still here!

Whats up everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Let me see if I can give a brief explanation with the emphasis on brief.

I’ve been extremely busy with work including over time on weekends and all of that “good stuff”. It has gotten to the point where I’ve had to threaten to quit if they don’t get me help, we’ll see how that goes. Hey MID.ORG are you hiring? Sadly what all this has meant, is that I haven’t had time to go anywhere and shoot videos or take photos or participate in things that I was looking forward to [Lamplight, Histories Mysteries, Diggins, etc]

The beginning of the year also saw the end of the Emily and Jerry are Disjointed podcast. No drama, neither of us had time to work on it.

In October I’ll be getting new costuming to wear up at Columbia, looking forward to that. In fact I’m just looking forward to hanging out in Columbia, in costume or not.

I have several trips planned in the near future, not sure how much photography I’ll be doing on one of these trips, but I really need to get back into doing the Monument Tracker stuff. To be blunt, I’ve had no energy to do much of anything. Stress is a killer, so I’m putting my foot down regarding the people and things abusing me.