California Statehood Day Parade (Some photos)

I didn’t take many photos this time as I was using both of my camera’s to film the parade. Here’s 12 that I took, not really my best work but… These would have been up sooner, however Go Daddy and WordPress are garbage and have limited the size of what I can upload through the editor, so I had to go through and do all of this in FTP and then manually ended the links. Considering how much I pay for this “service” I’m a little less then thrilled. But that’s a rant for another time. 🙂 I’m also adding links to the videos at the bottom.

These photo’s are also shrunk down, if anyone has interest in the full size ones, feel free to email me at the pod noodles at gmail dot com

Anyone from Columbia who wishes to use these, please feel free – just make sure to credit me. I was not up at Columbia as a Docent this weekend so, they still belong to me 😉