So a funny thing happen on my way to work….

So have you ever had one of those months that just seemed like it was out to kill you? That’s what July felt for me…

So to start things off I came down with what I was told was sun stroke, I don’t call it that because I don’t know what the actual medical definition of sun stroke is. What I can tell you about it was I got violently ill for a few days. Sadly, it just went down hill from there.

The following Monday I was on my way to work on I5 when my rear driver side tire decided to declare F*CK ALL and exploded… Well it blew out, pretty loudly actually. If you’re familiar with I5 I was in between the Westley area rest stop and where I5 turns towards Sacramento, and where if you keep going forward it becomes 580. Now that wasn’t the worst of it, not by a long shot… No the worst of it was having to wait 2 hours for a tow to a tire shop, because, as it turns out the model of car I owned did not come with a spare tired, it didn’t come with a doughnut. So basically I wasn’t going anywhere. But as I told the tow truck driver (and have since regretted saying it, because sh*t got worst) If this is the worst thing that happens to me this week, month, year, then I’m blessed.



<—–This is my “Hey, lets stay positive about the situation! There’s NO WAY it’s going to come back and bite me in the ass” face. Actually that was my “Holy crap it’s 90 degrees at 9am, tow truck please hurry the hell up, face.


So the rest of that week was a little annoying, do in no small part to things beyond my control but that I still had to fix. That’ll be a rant for another day. So at the end of that week, I drove up in costume to Columbia State Historic Park where I am a Docent. I’ll do a vlog some day of why it was so cool that this happen – While I was there I say Justin Scarred, Ally, and London. It was an extremely cool surprise. I didn’t talk to them, they were there for family stuff so.

So the next week, I went back to work, fully emotionally charged, spirits high. I had to make several trips from one work location to another. It was on the trip coming back from Santa Clara that things got a bit….





So uh. Yeah… So it’s been a rough for weeks. There’s a lot to talk about on the next Disjointed Vlog, that’s coming soon. Emily went to the UK, I’m going to Florida. A new podcast is coming to TPN’s. Lots to talk about.